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NO-Xplode 45 Serves Pre-workout

NO-Xplode 45 Serves Pre-workout

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NO-Xplode Pre-workout

Product Overview

Fuel you body with advanced ingredient technology to help push your past previos limits. NO-Xplode is scientifically engineered to support explosive energy, intense focus, extreme pumps, maximum endurance and enhanced performance during your training. 

NO-Xplode performance blend - 10.3g

Myogenic blend (Creatine, taurine etc) - 5.5g

Endura shot (Beta alanine, betaine etc.) - 2.8g

N.O Alpha fusion (L-Citrulline, danshen extract etc.) - 850mg

Thermic energy (N-Acetyl-tyrosine, caffeine) - 745mg

Shock Composite (L-lysine,niacin etc) - 375mg


Explosive energy

Intense focus

Extreme pumps

Maximum endurance

Enhanced performance

Direction to use:-

Mix 18.5g (about 1 scoop) with 625mlof cold water and consume 20-30 minutes before training.



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